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Glucono delta-lactone in tofu

Aug. 05, 2022

The principle of glucoronolide coagulation of tofu is that when the lactone is dissolved in water into gluconic acid, the acid has an acid coagulation effect on the protein in the soy milk.

Glucono delta-lactone in tofu

Because the decomposition of the lactone is relatively slow, the coagulation reaction is uniform and the efficiency is high, so the tofu made is white and delicate, good in water separation, resistant to cooking and frying, delicious and unique. Adding other coagulants such as: gypsum, brine, calcium chloride, umami seasoning, etc., can also make various flavored tofu.

In view of the fact that when glucono delta-lactone is used alone, tofu has a slightly sour taste, and the sour taste is not suitable for tofu, so GDL and CaSO4 or other coagulants are often used in combination in tofu production.

Glucono delta-lactone is not only used as a protein coagulant for tofu production, but also as a milk protein coagulant for the production of yogurt and cheese.

The use of Glucono delta-lactone in luncheon meat and canned pork can increase the effect of coloring agents, thereby reducing the amount of nitrite, which is more toxic, while GDL also has emulsifying, preservative and gelling effects, thereby improving In order to improve the quality of canned meat, the maximum addition amount at this time is 0.3%.

Glucono delta-lactone acts as an acidulant and can be added to sweet sherbetes and jellies such as vanilla extract and chocolate bananas. It is the main acidic substance in the compound leavening agent, which can slowly generate carbon dioxide gas, the bubbles are uniform and delicate, and can produce cakes with unique flavors.

Glucuronolactone is a white powdery crystal, which can be stored for a long time in a dry condition, but it is easily decomposed into acid in a humid environment, especially in an aqueous solution. The speed of hydrolysis is accelerated, and it will be completely converted into gluconic acid when the temperature is above 95 degrees. Therefore, when lactone is used as a coagulant, it should be dissolved in cold water and used up within half an hour. Do not store its aqueous solution for a long time.