Soy Dietary Fiber

Soy Dietary Fiber

Soy Fiber is manufactured especially for meat processing and bakery


Soy Fiber is manufactured especially for meat processing and bakery. Soy Fiber manufactured form GMO Free soy beans buy using high quality advanced manufacturing methods. 

Min. Order: 3 Ton

Functions and Applications

Our Soy Fiber can binds water in the relation 1:10.  This excellent hydration of Soy Fiber makes it widely used now in meat industry for replacing meat or for cutting manufacturing cost. Soy Fiber can be injected into meat together with other ingredients or can be added and incorporated into the emulsion in the cutter.  Due to the advanced  manufacturing technology of  Soy Fiber is white color  and  odorless.

Sensory organ index
AppearanceMilk white or light cream powder 
ImpurityNo foreign matters to the naked eye
Physical and chemical index
Dietary fiber %≥60.0
Crude protein≤26.0
Moisture ( % )≤10.0
Ash ( % )≤5.0
Particle size(% pass 100 mesh)≥96.0
Total plate count (cfu/g)≤30000
E-Coli Negative
Coliform (MPN/100g)≤90
Water Absorption Capacity:7 times
Application:Meat Products, Ketchup, Jam, Bakery, Vegetarian foods