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Food Additives Market Information Sharing 3-20

Mar. 21, 2019

CategoryProductsAnalyses of market conditionWeekly trend
VitaminsVB1The tight supply was eased now for some sources. The transaction price is stable with a slight decline.Stable
VB2 98%The market is stable and the price is running at a high level.Stable
VB6 HclThe price is stable.Stable
VB9 (Folic acid)Rising cost of raw material, its supply is so tight with increasing price, the market attention has increased, and the market price of Folic acid rises slightly. Rising
VB12 (pure)Volatile markets and the price is stable in short term.Stable
VC (pure,99%,20 – 80mesh) Food & pharma gradeWeak demand, weak price.Decreasing
SweetenersDextrose AnhydrousBecause the price of its raw material, corn and sugar, is rising, the price is rising.Rising
SucraloseMarket supply exceeds demand with a bearish trend.Decreasing
Aspartame 300meshBecause the price of its raw material is rising, the price is rising.Rising
Sodium SaccharinMfgs stop production due to shortage of upstream raw materials.Rising
SteviosideThe price is relatively stable.Stable
ACE-KThe price is relatively stable.Stable
AcidifierslactateThe supply of upstream raw material is tight while the market demand is increasing so that the price is rising.Rising
Citric acid anhydrous 12-40Mesh  The market is unstable. The price is rising with normal supply now.Rising
ThickenersApple pectin, Citrus pectinThe price is relatively stableStable
Xanthan GumThe price is stableStable
Preservatives and antioxidantsPotassium sorbateThe price of raw material and this product are all quite stable.  Decreasing
sodium benzoateThe price is stableStable
Calcium propionateBecause the price of its raw material, propionic acid, is rising, the supply is tight and price is rising.Rising
Nutritional dietary supplementsChondroitin SulfateThe price is stable.Stable
Coenzyme Q10The price is relatively stableStable
L-Carnitine BASEThe supply is tight due to the environment protection supervision. Its price is rising now.Rising
TaurineIt becomes stable now after a slight rise.Stable