Dehydrated Carrot

Dehydrated Carrot

Natural Dehydrated Dried Carrot Granules Grade A


Treatment of raw materials. Choose fresh. The color is orange and red. Carrots with plump individuals and smooth skin are taken as raw materials, and bifurcation, diseased spots, mechanical damage and small carrots are eliminated. The selected carrot is put into a flowing clean water tank for soaking and cleaning, the spots on the carrot, the dirt on the root beard and the sunken part are removed first, then the bitter outer skin is removed, finally the green top is removed, and the yellow core in the stem is removed.

Functions and Applications

Specification of Dehydrated Carrot Granules Grade A
ColorBright, uniform reddish-orange
FlavorSweet and natural,free from off flavors. mild, typical of carrots
AppearanceGranules, 3*3mm
Moisture≤ 6.0 %
SulfitesNone added
Aerobic Plate Count100,000/g maximum
Mould and Yeast500/g maximum