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The Status of 2019-NCoV in China

Feb. 13, 2020

Dear Partners,

We would like to inform you the status of 2019-NCoV in China, which you may pay a lot of attention on it too.

For the moment, Chinese government is taking the most strict and effective measures to control the spread of the epidemic, such as traffic control, postponement of returning to office or school, home quarantine and so on. The government’s action is effective.

At the same time, the controlling should impact on factory productions, logistics and other commercial center.  For our field,

1. Factories have difficulties to resume production. So many raw materials stocks are in short. The price will raise in a short time.

2. Transportation and logistics in all cities are limited, and this will delay the transit time domestically. What’s more some countries restrict the entry of airlines and vessels from or through China.  Thus the delivery time will be delayed and the transportation cost will be up.

3. Some antiviral drugs and antipyretics are in huge demand domestically. The oversea supply will be shortened. The stock will be less for exporting. Such as Paracetamol, Acyclovir and Foscarnet sodium.

Consider the producing decrease and cost up, along with the delay on shipment in the near future, our suggestion is that you may purchase some stock ASAP.

Anyway, there appears no major problem in the national economy, which reflects the comprehensive strength improvement of China. SARS did not defeat China 17 years ago, now China is more experienced to overcome these difficulties. We’re sure that China can quickly inhibit the negative impact of the NCoV and return back to track soon.