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Sep. 23, 2019

CategoryProductsAnalyses of market conditionWeekly trend
VitaminsVB1VB1 HCl: The demand is reducing and the market is stable.VB1 Mono: The price is in a steady riseRising
VB2 98%B2 (98%): Stable price.Stable
VB6 HclThere are more stocks in the market and price is stable.Stable
VB9 (Folic acid)Mfgs stopped production affected by the explosion, and the price is stable after it increase.Stable
VB12The price is stable.Stable
VCThe inventories is decreasing and the price is stable.Stable
SweetenersDextrose AnhydrousDue to the shortage of funds, Xiwang stopped production and it’s orders were transferred to other factories. Supply is very tight and price is expected to rise. On the other hand, Huayi resume production. it’s low price hit market.Stable
SucraloseThe factory wants to raise the price, and the current market price has not yet risen.Stable
Aspartame The price is stable with tight supply.Stable
Sodium SaccharinThe price is satble with tight supply because the main mfgs has the large amount of orders.Stable
SteviosideThe price is relatively stable.Stable
ACE-KThe price is relatively stable.Stable
AcidifiersLactateThe price is relatively stable.Stable
Citric AcidThe price is rising due to human subjective actions.Rising
ThickenersApple Pectin, Citrus PectinThe price is relatively stableStable
Xanthan GumThe price of 200 mesh is rising with tight supply.Rising
Preservatives and AntioxidantsPotassium SorbateThe price is rising because the price of raw materials is increasing and parts of mfgs will stop production.Rising
Sodium BenzoateThe supply is very tight cause Wuhan Youji delayed production time.Rising
Calcium PropionateThe price is stable.Stable
Nutritional dietary supplementsChondroitin SulfateThe price is stable.Stable
Coenzyme Q10The price is relatively stableStable
L-Carnitine BaseThe supply is tight due to the environment protection supervision. Its price is rising now.Rising
TaurineIt becomes stable now after a slight rise.Stable
Flavor enhancerMonosodium  GlutamateThe price is stable this week.Stable